Friday, 30 October 2009

this is the first page of a story I've based on sample from a song, but i can't find who wrote it originally. not sure if this counts as plagiarism if i use the lyrics in the novel. these are the lyrics to go with the illustrations any way :

A change of heart, a change of plan must surely be the way. Get off the
ground - you're heaven-bound! And if you like it when you're there you'll be
allowed to stay.
"This is the way it has to be", the wisemen wisely said. So we believed, but
some did not. And though we never knew, the wisemen, wisely had them shot.

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myeyeisonfire said...

the pictures you post should be around 900 pixels wide so that we can have a closer look at the quality of marks

The left hand side looks good, thoguh the in the second panel the similarity in tonal and orthographic projection in the two figures causes them to flatten out.

Bottom panel looks a bit cheesy,

otherwise some an interesting idea - don't worry about the copyright on the lyrics just yet - you can always contact them later.