Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New story for Xmas (untitled)

Ok this is pretty much a re-hash of my Lost Toys story but with a festive twist!

It doesn't come across to well in these images but the polar bear lights up in the globe and appears in the bedroom - and glows at the end to return to it! Have tried to avoid using too much symmetry which I think works well with the open landscapes.

Influences for this were The Snowman, Polar Express and The Golden Compass. Currently collecting a load of images (visual references) of polar bears and snowy scenes while experimenting with making snow in photoshop!

Let me know what you think, thanks


Danup1 said...

There's a film by Raymond Briggs who did the snowman which is similar to this called the bear. I can't really find much on the internet about it but here's a link to the book on amazon.

MurrayMah said...

Some really nice compositions here and from previous work I can imagine when you do the finished version you'll make my eyes drop out!

My advice to you would be for the next story you do to try and push your content further into more extremes, I know you've done different stuff, but I mean like really break out of the box to push yourself!