Monday, 2 November 2009

INK SOUP 05 - Biblical Stories

The theme for INK SOUP 05 is "Biblical Stories" and we will try for a very early December print! as I'm off after the 8th!

Murray is at this moment getting sample prints of all four ink soups and will bring them in tomorrow!


MurrayMah said...

woah what!? you wanted another test print tonight? You didn't give me any files!? argh!

myeyeisonfire said...

hahahah! nononono! sorry murray, I just copied and pasted the whole message without looking, sorry to scare you like that! Final print tonight, but better do an over check before with one, before doing the lot!

MurrayMah said...

phew! Yea I'll be in after 12 today, just re=formatting toastie-o