Thursday, 22 October 2009


I'm coming in tomorrow morning to re-scan my pages and try to sort the layout again - I know ed is working on his, Murray will have his, Jess is confirmed - I need to get Roo's and Tsz's again, as I may have mislaid them duh!

Karen, Vicky, Niovi, Toby, slappy monkey, Danup1, and anyone else I've missed out, send in your Hi-Res scans please via yousendit to my bcu address - NOT Guaranteed entry into INK SOUP
Cherry, are you still doing yours?

Milan? Contents page?

Katie Coulton, can you scan it in at 600 dpi and send it to me again, as we may use yours as a poster page!

By next week Tuesday I would like to TEST PRINT!

Best Chiu

some other people may be submitting soon, Debbie Lambert, Toby Pennington hopefully, so let's see?


MurrayMah said...

New version of my comic just been re-sent! Test print for tuesday is fine!

Milan said...

nearly ready mr man