Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ink Soup 4

Hey guys, just trying to organise ink soup 4:

So the deadline is the 13th of October looking for a possible print that week, so just under 2 weeks left, but also if work can be uploaded as you go so it makes the editing process a lot easier!

We need to know how many people are hoping to submit and how many pages they have, from the top of my head I know we have :

Myself (5pages)
Ed (4pages)
Jess (4pages)
Chiu (4pages)
Niovi (4pages)

So if you are thinking of submitting then post up and let us know!

The other big thing is we need someone to volunteer to take on the contents pages- so if you're interested please step up!

If there's anything else people want to bring up or something I've got wrong feel free to say :P




myeyeisonfire said...

I've got a piece from Tsz and Roo as well! Godman may have his piece too? Need him to get back to us?

Ed said...

Safe Murray,

am submitting 4 pages, i may not get it done by the 13th - maybe a few days after but will help u out with whatever you need during that week and beyond

Milan said...

hey murray i may put one of my most recent illustrations from my picture book work in if that sounds good, maybe as a centre spread pull-out poster? especially as quite a few people prefer the work in black and white it'll be good to see how it turns out.
hope you're good big man. i could also use some illustrations i am currently doing and fashion them into contents pages?? we could chat about it on tuesday

left-handed osi-cat said...

hey i d like to have my story as well but have very deep doubts whethever it ll be accepted to be included in the issue?