Tuesday, 13 October 2009

mini stories


Murray mentioned that his story was five pages long and that we needed an single page to fill the space. I did this rough in my sketchbook last week and then thought that with some polish it could fit. The idea is that the are 4 "mini stories" taking place in 4 stories of a house, all affecting eachother through the walls/panels. I would change the stories themselves to make them a bit more interesting, but how is it as a concept?

ps. This is rough and obviously not the finished look, I did 2 sample panels to show how it might look finished (not colour though of course)



myeyeisonfire said...

colour drawing reminds me of Raymond Briggs, the story of the director of Delicatessen & Amelie

I like the idea of simplifying further the connection between the characters to only one of your interlinking devices - such as a single speech/thought bubble having a dual function in adjoining panels - very clever :)

Milan said...

yeah the bubbles leading from one panel to another is innovative, i think it has a lot of potential for future stories too.
i love the idea of picking the 'love' out of the air as well, overhanging from the previous panel and instilling it into the boy in bed. good stuff katie x

Ed said...

well done kt,
i don't think any of us have tried this particular way of telling a story so from that point of view it would fit quite well in the next ink soup.

Jess the Mess said...

Hey kt, I'm a big fan of your work and I definately like this fresh style of storytelling. I think the real task is doing a finished version were it is clear without needing to explain it since I guess that's the key to visual storytelling (dur). Btw I really enjoy the way you use pencil crayons especially since its a rarely used medium in graphic novels.