Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Blow My Circuits

My latest comic finished and with the writing re-worked, its not a complete changeover but I channeled alot personality and humour into it so the writing either enhances or is ironic to the imagery attached- let me know what ya think!


myeyeisonfire said...

It takes a bit of getting into, but it's consistently silly humour doesn't detract from a smooth and coherent read. Good job, though I'd say it's in-between the Beano and 2000AD now - that's a good thing, because I see as marketable.

Ever thought of producing your own full comic - Title, covers, games, free toys? Different set of stories each week same characters?

MurrayMah said...

Yea thanks- I'd say you hit it spot on, haha and I'm not insulted about the beano/2000AD link, because as you say its marketable!

My plan is for comica/thought bubble is to put this comic/toastie-o/ the new version of bald cypress and a further comic together in an anthology- but the idea with toys and games as well sounds great as it'll support each other!

the murray action figure perhaps?

Ed said...

By about page 2 I thought 'what the hell am I reading and where is this going' - but by page 5 you are fully absorbed in the (robotic) humour and the story is concluded well.

If you were to do an anthology I think it would work really well - as after the 1st story your audience would be fully engaged and 'get it'!!!

As usual your style is consistent throughout and the writing is much improved since the last draft.

Danup1 said...

Yeah, i like your style, I don't know how easy its meant to be reading a comic but most of it made sense! The funny electronic based randomness in there was also good.

nortonius said...

you are becoming so good murray! i always look at your stuff and think how professional and original it is. i think you're going to do really well!