Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Toastie-O Pages 1-3

Slightly edited pages 1 and 2 with new fonts in place of the old favourite cooper blk! Plus page 3, page 4 will be up tomorrow when I scan it in. It won't be the end of the story as with the experimental side of this ink soup I'm contemplating making the story arc over another 2 pages, but you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see what I mean (suspense!). In terms of what I've already concluded, after looking at Luke Kennedy's work I think I need more stark contrasts, also drawings in some panels aren't as consistently strong, but I'm happy with the story as it stands. These are my feelings, so was hoping people would like to confer with their own, I know chiu will have plenty to say, but please be as honest as you like, even if to say re-draw it all!

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