Wednesday, 17 June 2009

To Progress or not to?

"and its changed considerably since you started the first drafts 8D" a quote that I picked up from Cherry that really says how one should be looking and developing their own work!

O f stuff posted so far, there are three categories:

acceptable as is: Roo's work

acceptable but could do with refining: Godman (and other peoples work)

unacceptable: what's left

Why have I cryptically written "other people's work" and "what's left"

Because like Murray, I feel it extremely awkward and painful to have to comment about work that people should be analyzing and changing themselves, before rushing to post up! Unless they are willing to make substantial modifications as in the Niovi.

It doesn't mean it's always getting better, but it does mean that that person is really exploring the visual possibilities!


MurrayMah said...

It's like talking to the Cheshire cat out of alice and wonderland!

cherry said...

who can i hand my ink soup too if the deadline is today!? cuz i wont be online later on. or tomorrow, or possibly the day after! D8

MurrayMah said...

We're not gonna be taking in work at the moment, the idea is and I think this is what Chiu is getting at is by today was to show where we're at, but to now look at our work ourselves to see how to improve it to the standard for the next ink soup- we won't be printing any time soon that's for sure! Including myself I think we'll see how work goes in the next week before setting the next deadline for work check- unless chiu wants to approve things as they come? I could very well be talking a load of BS here...

cherry said...

ooOOoo okie, i thoiught the deadline was today :) thats good then. at least i can progress some more, even tho i think am happy with the results i have noeeew.

myeyeisonfire said...

Murray is reading my mind again!

Let's make this issue as equally if not even better than issue three

RoO, and now Cherries work is of a completed standard. Luke has told me he will work on his :)