Wednesday, 10 June 2009

One last try..?


I know I put as a target to finish this by tomo but us usual I m not done..anw no hurries this time :)

This is the 1st spread of the new interpretation of Oh Deer! and it s going to be 3 spreads afterall (hope that’s ok..)

The frames round are considered to be the bleed that’s why I made them pretty thick (2cm). The trees in the middle actually i had that idea since I started my picture book bt never had the time to test/draw so they were left as just an idea and now I finally found an excuse to test whether that would work as a frame or not..something I haven’t decided yet..mbe they are too overwhelming and shade the story which is what actually matters..? I said this is the 1st finished spread..these are the rest, they re just rough outlines but it gives a general idea of how the story will be. I thought of posting them before proceeding to “colouring” (which takes aages to do) to get opinions on the panels. I drew n re-drew over till I got mainly the frames ok but if anyone has an opinion about them for getting them better please tell me...(preferably before I start working on them!).. (um from the roughs the last one is suposed to be first and the rest are at the right order..)



P.S. they are a/3 so i had to take a photo of them so forgive the not-so-great quality of these pics..i ll scan it tomo when i going in..


Hansolo said...

I really like the fluffy line work of your style of work, its really effective especially in the subjects you've chosen to draw.
i think the tone works really well here, the images stand out and it looks effective. also how you've put the panels together looks good, new way to position panels- something i want to look at more now =)

looks good, i really like your style and images, just wondered do you add colour digitally?? how do you do it??

left-handed osi-cat said...

heh thnx :)

um i not planning to add nay actual colour on it..i thought of keeping it if you mean the shadowing etc i ve done it on in pencil..(heh which ends up a bit painful :s :p)

myeyeisonfire said...

I think you should never say last try, as every time you make a mental & physical effort, your work improves vastly - I agree with hansolo, the panel positioning gets better the more you explore them.

I think you need to work on the title/text

left-handed osi-cat said...

well text/title can be easily changed with photoshop so i ll do that last as it s only a tiny part of the story..anything else that seems to need some fixin?
i am a bit thoughtfull about the frames, should i do jus darken it/take the whole thing off and leave it plain black?