Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Almost there..

the originals and the edited ones.. i ve already scanned the first 2 but the last one i finished it last night and i wont be able to scan and work on it till thursday.
i tried to darken the frames so the backround is less busy but i think that something s still wrong...
any comments bout it?
thnx :)


cherry said...

i really love the background for the pannels. and its changed considerably since you started the first drafts 8D
for me the triangular trees set it back, maybe you could make them more detailed but thats just my opinion

left-handed osi-cat said...

yea i didnt like them much either but i had a big problem balancing their tones and shapes with those of the flames and the backround so i tried to keep them simple but with not much of a result :s