Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ink Soup 4

Hey everyone, it's all been a bit quiet on the Ink Soup front so thought I'd check to see who's planning to enter work in for the next issue (if any?). Thought it would be good to be organised and stress the ideal deadline of next wednesday? If you are, could you also give an estimate of how many pages you're planning to enter? If L6 want too it would be wicked, but understandbly probably want to avoid anything that looks remotely like a pencil/pen for a while? L5 we have to work out who's going to replace Debbie and Jess as Contents editor and proof reader?

Cheers :D


Jess the Mess said...

oh post on the inksoup is being replaced xP If nobody wants to in the future I can always proof read via the blog...I doubt my schedule will be particularly full anytime soon...Good luck replacing Debbie though >.>" Thats actually a hard job!

I'm gonna see if I can come up with anything over the weekend...I've got stuff for the show still to sort but I might manage a double spread...Debbie probably has things from her final project that she could submit for hers but I'll let her answer that. She also might be available post-uni (why does that phrase fill me with zombiefied dread >.>) to help out still...again you'd have to ask her!

myeyeisonfire said...

well done Murray! I was waiting for someone to take the initiative, and you haven't let me down :)

MurrayMah said...

That's a kind offer Jess, but won't hold it to you yet as you may find yourself busier than you expect? Wicked to have any work in the issue though, esp as it's looking quite light atm.

Glad I could make you proud Chiu, better be careful or I'll start calling you dad (That'll freak you out), are you planning to submit anything?

As it stands:

Ed: 2 pages "Crash and Burn"
Niovi: 4pages "oh deer"
Murray: 5 pages "toastie-o" 1 page" prof Quib"

Hopefully more people will enter some work in because at the moment I just look stupidly self indulgent!

Debbie Lambert said...

I've got one five page called Bloodsucked (although I could make it six if necessary) and a two-page spread type thing from my FMP anthology that I'm happy to put in.

As for contents- I'm okay still doing the technical piecing together (for this one at least) if someone else will take on drawing it/coming up with the art for it?

MurrayMah said...

That's wicked Debbie, at this rate you could have them both in? For contents I'll find (force) someone to draw it when L5 meet monday, I would offer but currently doing a cover/ finishing my own story so would be unrealistic to say yes.

But great, that means we can actually go ahead with it, as I was worrying we wouldn't have enough to warrant it!

Hansolo said...

Ive got a two page one about flying mushrooms- just needs some ammendments and it should be ready =)hopefully thats alrighty!

cherry said...

last minute but il be submitting now. two pages mine will be.
i decided to do it today. i can start and get it finnished in one day and half max.

MurrayMah said...

New Deadline- Weds 17th Let's do it people!