Thursday, 22 January 2009

visiting talker

Out of interest, if we brought someone up for a talk on graphic short stories/novels, who would you like to hear/see and why?


Debbie Lambert said...

Garen Ewing might be good- I've been emailing him and he's a nice guy, and could be good for people wanting to get their own work published- he's just signed a deal with Egmont for The Rainbow Orchid. Style a lot like Hergé. ALthough this a bit self-interested because I see myself going in his direction style wise.

Others on my wishlist would be McKean (just because his work is so varied and he seems like an interesting guy), Tom Gauld for a sort of Edward Gorey approach to comics, or someone really new and successful like Stuart Kolakovic.

Dave Gibbons would be interesting but he's probably way too busy with all the crap going on about the Watchmen movie.

murramah said...

Bryan Talbot would personally be good in my opinion, British comic illustrator, has been in the industry for ages and worked on a variety of comics, like 2000ad and the sandman plus he made his own graphic novel Alice in Wonderland.

Agreed on both Mckean and Gibbons, both would be wicked to talk to, but Gibbons at the moment is pros def a pipe dream.

Will have a look abit more for any more ideas as im sure theres loads more i can think of who could hopefully be realistic opportunities!

Jess the Mess said...

Gibbons is a definate no no I would had to prebook just to go to his talk at BICs and there was like 200 people allowed in...and wherever he went a gaggle of geeks stalked him and tried to be close to him.

I'm really into fables at the moment which wass drawn by Mark Buckingham who is a really lovely guy or there's the new Tank Girl guy Rufus Dayglo, also very cool...These are all more comicy 2000AD type guys though so if I had to pick someone more relevant (to me atleast) would definately be Stuart Kolakovic...He's such a recent graduate whos had such a massive success in a short time he might have some really good words of wisdom for us.

That or James Kochalka or Jeffrey Brown...but as they live in America I can't see that happening >.>

myeyeisonfire said...

McKean has been before, and he is a great talker, lots of wit, and plenty to see, but unfortunately a super busy man, and I would image costly - it's like three Stuart's would only buy one McKean - okay well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Anyone for Gravett coming up?

Jess the Mess said...

Gravett is really good and a lovely guy, but it depends if he would do something new...and not just try to flog us something >.>

murramah said...

Simone lia, bit of a left field choice but i really liked her graphic novel fluffy, would be an interesting take to see how she got into graphic novels, the observer did an article on her just a couple of years back? Gravett as an all round choice would be wicked, in terms of insight and knowledge, but personally i would want someone who has actually created something and a style, you know to give a unique perspective?