Monday, 12 January 2009

A (VERY) rough cover idea for Ink Soup #2

Just a quick idea of my concept, will refine it down a bit tomorrow.


myeyeisonfire said...

love it!

cover's yours! Now the bad news!

Your four pages could be better - are they good! Yes as always parts are fantastic, other bits look really shoddy - work on it, you have until the 28th of January!


Debbie Lambert said...

Brilliant, cheers!

Reflecting on Hollow Men- yes, definately patchy. The bits that stand out as needing a do-over to me in particular are on:

Page one- maybe the 3rd panel down.

Page two- the bottom two panels in particular

Page three- the majority now I look at it, this one gave me the hardest time when I was putting it together. Although having said that I do like my kettle LOL.

Page four- the all of the top "row" and the furthest right on the second.

Is that about on the money? Also I'll probably rethink the 'colouring' so that it's stronger for a black and white publication- maybe bring in some half-tone dottiness or sample in some b+w watercolour washes.

myeyeisonfire said...

third panel, and texton bottom left handside - don't like the flat tones on your faces either

page two - yes bottom two panels definitely - still don't like the flatness of your tone work - though oliver kugler does use this method well:

page three - basis is good - though bottom panels need working the most -
I like the tonal work on the character in the top panel

page four - this one feels the worst to me - whole page.

ktc said...

this cover is kick ass!
ps i loved the typography in the Hollow Men title. Did you do that yourself?! If not, where did you get it?