Wednesday, 14 January 2009

new GSS layout

Here's a link to my revised layout of the graphic short story if anyone's interested -
I thought it looked really crushed in the Observer double page format, so I've edited it into a sort of book layout, just to experiment.
Prototype only! The text needs work.
Needless to say after 10 weeks, I'm totally sick of it and hate it! and can't wait to get cracking with Children's Book!

What time and where is everyone meeting next week?
:) Kt.


myeyeisonfire said...

you're to collect your work either this Friday, or Next Monday early morning! There are no classes as It's L6 assessments - the week after we meet, I guess, on Monday, but again check with George!

This means you have time to get on with another story for ink soup,

BTW the colour double spread was stunning - shame it wasn't in B&W!!

Anyway, if you want to explore another story you can - and please don't feel limited to traditional panels - just remember A4 portrait - not landscape!


myeyeisonfire said...

Oh! and I need to borrow your work for feedback session! So if you see me Monday, let me have it then!