Friday, 16 January 2009

To avoid disappointment

I have nearly two and half pages finished, and look at the work everyday to improve it - it's not really finished until the day before final layout, so I am willing to modify and constantly re-do parts (I don't believe in getting sick of this stage).

To avoid disappointment, don't leave it until the last minute, and expect to work on it if it needs improving (if suddenly you can't be arsed then maybe you should'nt from the beginning. Ink Soup is about producing works of quality, more in the area of visual language rather than in writing, though it would be nice as well.

I am available to look at submissions from next week onwards, please use this time to seek me, and ask for opinions.

I am looking forward to quality works!


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Jess the Mess said...

I've just finished page number 4 although i need someone elses perspective so i'll either post it up on here or you can see it on monday..i'm abit too in the work at the moment to make a good judgement! (not that my judgement is ever particularly good!)