Wednesday, 28 January 2009

on the short list for submissions in ink soup 2

Short list so far, accepted pending on production quality and ironing out design issues!

Jess watson 4
Johan Hioe 4
Dean Eberhardt 4
Chiu Kwong Man 4
Debbie Lambert 4
Ed Homer 4
Murray Sommerville 4
Katie Coulton 1X2 + 2
Andrew Kulman 2
Roo 4
Milan 2

we can publish a 24 page meaning only 5 entrants - so those of you who have been asked to work on your pages should really push for quality, you have another week 4th Feb (5th for Murray)


murramah said...

you forgot milan's 2, and are we going for that paper?

myeyeisonfire said...

If I order, then it will probably be off my own money, so I have to think about cost, but I'm pretty close to thinking we should - it just looks really decent - so most probably

murramah said...

well i don't mind pitching in to help like you mentioned as if we all do then it would be worth it as i agree, i think it transcends it to a better publication on that paper so i think its worth investigating, we should just order a small amount to begin with so we can do a test strip so we're doubley sure, and then if we're convinced go for it?