Saturday, 10 January 2009

My attempt at Fumetto

I found the "virus" theme quite hard to come up with a concept for- I ended up settling on the idea of a virus that was more social and not a traditional disease. One day I'll do a story that doesn't have a depressing ending, honest.


myeyeisonfire said...

great mood setting! And I always feel empathy with your characters!

To be honest, some of the drawings lack confidence in line quality, while others are much stronger - I think you need to work on a process which can resolve this issue - whether it be in the black and white line work before colour dropping, or two/three tone dropping of single colours to create form

I do, however, admire your efforts to complete work on time, and with purpose - I also think this stands a good chance of being exhibited

Debbie Lambert said...

Yeah I find consistency is a major issue I keep running into. Whilst there's bits of this I'm pretty satisfied with there's others that are definitely shakier.

I think I need to simplify- get a really strong balance of black, shading and white, and worry more about overall impact and flow than little scribbly details.

I'm reading Jimmy Corrigan at the moment- it's hard to get through but Chris Ware really is fantastic with getting a LOT through with really clean deceptively simple shapes and flat colour. I don't really see myself going completely that direction but I'm bearing elements of it in mind now.

myeyeisonfire said...

be careful! If anal cleanness is for you, then clowes and ware are great - last year Ben Morgan was very suited to this style - I personally think you are are more in between Jean Giraud and Tardi

you need to make these your peers and aim your sights higher - pressure? Yeah sure lots, but you've got it in you if you want it