Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Circus

Have just finished what I think is my final submission of work for the 'Viruses' brief. The idea is basically a sort of revelation as to how the future could be and that we as humas are the virus of the planet and it is our sins that make this so. I've got plently of time to make alterations so if you feel any changes need to be made feel free to give me some feedback!!! Thanks. ed


myeyeisonfire said...

I like how you re-did the first panel on the second page

If you want to improve on anything, I think the last panel could be more interestingly drawn - more unique references used

otherwise great submission

Milan said...
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Milan said...

i had to get the thesaurus out for this lol my vocabs a bit simple. the drawings of the skull and the girl's leggy wegs are particularly immense.
maybe change the type so its a little bit more legible- having said that i like its slghtly mental characteristics that kinda indicate disorder