Sunday, 26 June 2011

hey guys

i need some help please!
i need to figure out whether to use colours to fill outlines like this..

or keep all lines black like this...

or to completely go against everything i believe in and combine the two?

this is bells father by the way. i've decided against the normal 18th century dress, i've done it so often and i just wanted to draw a completely different era. so this is pre ww1. it's a pilots outfit. mmmmhmm

and i know it's really scrappy and badly coloured and whatever, but it's just a draft until i figure out the best way to do the silly outlines!


Chiu said...

black line is definitely sharper and clearer - less fussy - lovely sketch btw

Tim Ki-Kydd said...

The black outlines are clearer, it might de-emphasise the lines if you weight them, so you are either using thicker lines where there is shadow or where the weight of the form sits, or just using lines in these areas rather than a complete solid outline.

Godman said...

Black outlines all the way! Allows for more expression in the face and generally looks better.

sofear said...

thanks a lot guys! now to get cracking for the hand in!