Friday, 24 June 2011

Concept for devil character

New direction for the devil character, think this is much better than the cartoony version i had in the draft?

I think i like the original pencil sketch i did of this better than the finished version. ho hum!


Chiu said...

full of surprises you are!! Great skillful drawing - still a little corny for me, but great drawing!

Have a look at Foldvari's black and white drawings - may interest you?

Narcotic-Nightmares said...

The inverted contrast; that of pale skin and jet black eyes holds quite a bit of interest, and people can read into that what they will.

The values look nice - just could be quite difficult to get all the details of the sigil rendered in cases where it's quite small?

Tim Ki-Kydd said...

Chiu -

foldvari's work is nice but a little bias towards line rather than tonal definition for what i am trying to do.

Yeah I am not happy with the mouth and the bone structure around the cheeks/ chin is a bit weak - I am struggling to find a way of keeping it obvious the character is the boy becoming the devil (so it is obvious who both characters are individually and they are the same person)without it being a bit cheesy - the original pencil version of this seemed a bit darker - show you wednesday.

NN- yeah getting the smaller details will be difficult but as long as there is the suggestion of the pentagram I am hoping it will work...only one way to find out.