Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Beauty & the Beast final draft

Hey guys,

In the spirit of community critique and all that jazz here is the final draft of my piece for Beauty & the Beast.

The drawing is pretty rough as I was concentrating on getting the narrative pace, plot clarity, frame comp, etc rather than the aesthetic.

I am pretty happy with it so far, Couple of things I will change - firstly on page 2 the top two frames , Firstly frame 2 is not clear enough - it is supposed to be the candles flaring and filling the room with smoke, secondly i dont think it is clear that the boy is causing the candles to flair - there is not a strong causal link (i was thinking of having the boy clicking his fingers?)

From here I plan to develop the aesthetic with particular focus on characterisation - I want to make the priest more creepy looking (i was thinking hook nose and pointy chin like the old punch & judy puppets) The boy needs to be cuter and more innocent at the start to emphasise the transition and major one is the devil as he is massively cheesy!

Anyway - THIS IS HERE FOR CRIT!!! please don't just tell me it's nice! constructive feedback please.


Godman said...

I think you told the story really well and the characterization is good. The speech bubble tail needs a bit of work on in places where it blurs out... and the drawings need to be a little more finished in places though i like that style combined with the charcoal drawings feels like a german expressionist movie. Good job!

Ruth said...

Really good stuff! I agree with Godman re the speech bubbles though - have you experimented with different type or even doing them by hand?