Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Visuals by Sound

Have started to record my progress of drawing using my diverse range of music as a guideline for future creative ideas this rough wacom tablet drawing is inspired by the sound track to rockstars L.A Noire composed by Andrew Hale.

I will continue this series as a development for ideas and to show my rough work in motion. 

If anyone knows of a better free screen recorder please tell me so that stupid watermark dose not interferer with the viewing. 


Tim Ki-Kydd said...

Try Ishowu -

pretty sweet, you seem to be working quite differently to your hand drawn stuff, which tends to be very controlled and tight, whereas this is much looser.

I imagine you already have looked at Bobby Chiu - if not check him out, amazing digital painter, does a lot of concept work for Pixar/ dreamworks i believe, also has podcast and lots of how to vids. Also worth a look is Jonny Duddle, again amazing digital painting. tends to do Kids books.

Vernon said...

You could try something like

I personally use Camtasia Studio 7 which is pretty decent. Theres a lot of screen recorders out there which are free, just need to look into it more, google.