Tuesday, 14 June 2011


After last week's meet up, I pretty much just kept going in the same direction. Character concepts, areas of focus and narrative.

This was a little side project, Mostly looking at action-to-action sequences and expressions, following Eisner's chapter of expressive anatomy. Also, when possible, this will be a perfect piece of work to experiment with finishing styles on.

These were some quick character concepts, focussing more on the juxtaposition of the two characters, further edifying the idea of Beauty and the Beast. Personally I'm not really happy with the scientist - I'm planning on doing more sketches until I feel comfortable with the design as a whole, whereas the assymmetric design of the monster i'm far happier with.

Unfortunately, I have work all of this week (foolishly assuming that a bit of extra work could accomodate the cost of books, art supplies and cider), which I will intersperse with reading the rest of Eisner's and McCloud's books.I also have a brief narrative sketched out, with this week being spent on transferring this into an actual panel to panel script, with A5 communicative drafts supporting it.

Also: Chiu wanted to see these... They're something a guy working for Disney threw together, identifying some common errors that crop up in sequential art, so... Enjoy!

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