Sunday, 26 June 2011

Welcome to my world for the moment

Its been a while since I posted anything on ink soup but this is to generally give you an idea of exactly what sort of world and style I am going with for my practice. I want to have a blend of realistic environments people and situations contested by cartoon elements and characters. Essentially a Roger Rabbit sort of universe with the distorted architecture of Cool world but each area will be different to the last.

This is a rough digital drawing I did combining elements of the secondary photograph (I will try and do my own for the projects) with the characterized objects and figures in the composition this also will help in my colour theory which is why photography will help make this style more practical and accurate.

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Tim Ki-Kydd said...

Nice i like the curved buildings and street furniture.

in terms of colour use you seem to have the warmest colours (reds etc) in the midground - which pulls them forward, flattening the image a bit - possibly add a touch of blue to cool them and let them drop back a bit. The foreground (characters) and background (buildings in the distance) are working tonally with the darker tones holding the characters to the front and softer tones allowing the building to drop back - again i think you could emphasise this effect with addition of a little more colour - a touch of pale blue bias to the grey of the buildings and perhaps some splashes of colour in the chars.

...maybe...i am a bit crap on colour theory ;P