Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Heya all, been taking a step back with some observational drawing and experiments this summer. I am trying out some new materials for my next comic panel - charchol and pencil/pencil crayons. Trying to get a mix of detail and strong tonal contrasts. Here's some sketches I tried out:

And here's some illegible plans for compositions/panels which I'm going to change around for the new observer (ps. did you here they are thinking of shutting down the observer altogether?) :

if that is of interest to anyone! Btw, I am up for going to Bologna for the festival. Hope u r all having a nice break :)



myeyeisonfire said...

what can I say! Beautiful drawings!

I would say that your confidence crisis has more to do with not knowing where your own visual identity fits within the right market. Templar, may have knocked you back, but as far as I am concerned it's their loss.

Although you fall into that fine art visual narrative field, you have the ability to overflow and be innovative within more commercial areas, even though some people may not want to take the risk with you, when you do get the break, it will definitely make an impact.

Ed said...

these drawings are great!

Really cool to see some experimentation and new ideas going on 2.

cherry said...

wow katie i have always been a fan of your drawings. it makes me want to get my sketchbook out and draw even more. happy to hear ur entering the observer! 8D cant wait to see what you throw up in terms of story ideas.

Milan said...

that charcoal drawing of the boy is stupidly good!!!!!!!!!
your style means you can work in different media and still show a kind of consistency because yopu manipulate media confidently. lovely stuff :) x