Monday, 31 August 2009

Since Charlie Hadn't Come

This is the work I've been doing for Tindal street press, based on a short story by Chris Smith about a dementia suffering farmer who without his brothers care descends to the level of an animal.

Lemme know what you all think!


ktc said...

Hiya Jess!
Glad to hear you have a project for Tindal Street Press - I like the pages with the most interesting panels, the third image down for example. I think that style suits your method of drawing, and gives it a chaotic feel well suited to the subject matter.

:) kt.

myeyeisonfire said...

It makes me smile to see how you pulled it together in your degree show, and you continue to do so in your professional work - make sure you start to promote yourself to the right people!

Milan said...

hi jess :) the panel with the empty bed and the birds on the window sill (page 6), the image of with all the creases falling off albert (7) and almost moulding onto the chair, and the frame with the black fade out in the bottom left (9) look really powerful and atmospheric. Also like katie said the third page works nicely, you have more frames within the backdrop of the table with the heap of post on top, i found this more interesting to read through so maybe you could slip in these types of compositions a little more often just to show some more variety to your layout.
Anyway really good work, your churning it out well! :) x

MurrayMah said...

Wow this is ambitious! Really like how you've explored the layouts and tried to mix it up with the compositions for visual interest on individual pages! I think the accompanying type doesn't sit well with the images, but it's only a small gripe for the sake of giving constructive crit, overall i enjoyed this alot! :D