Monday, 17 August 2009

The Forest

I was recently inspired to make this film after seeing the trailer for Tim Burton's re-imagining of 'Alice In Wonderland'. Quite alot of the shots have been taken directly from the trailer - the idea being that I could create the same sort of atmosphere and fantasy.

I had also been dragged to see 'The Time Traveller's Wife' which featured quite alot of (running) shots through a forest which furthered my understanding of how to approach making this.

Specific camera angles & movement from 'Gladiator' also came in handy for this too! Like most of the films so far there are various things I would want to change or approach differently but I'm quite happy with this one and feel I am learning something - and having alot of fun!!!


myeyeisonfire said...

It's a lot more ambitious, in story telling as well as in the change of pace, than some of your earlier edits.

I only really get interested in what's going on as she enters the forest, and I like the classic hand held movement. I don't think the ending is clear enough, I would have put in a close up of the necklace whilst on her neck, before she tore it off.

Ed said...

Yea I agree with those points.

One of the problems I have when filming is that when I come to do certain shots that have to be changed (as drawing them on paper is completely different to filming) I lose my focus - and key shots or plot elements get forgotten or missed in the complexity of it all!

Ed said...

When I get the chance I think I may go back and fill in some of the holes also -

such as the necklace being like a magical trinket like the ring from 'Lord of the rings' or something.

cherry said...

have you seen 'house of flying daggars.
some stunning scenes in that. especiallly the forst scenes.

i really like this. ur really good with the cam ed.
do you draw these out on story boards first? if so id like to see 'em 8D

Ed said...

Yea thats beautifully shot when there in the forest.

I do 'very' quick/ruff storyboards because I don't know exactly how I'll be able to film specific shots because of the environment I'm filming in - & because of that the shots change most of the time.

But I have a clear idea in my head of what I want to convey and am constantly referring back to footage from the particular film studed for inspiration.