Friday, 21 August 2009

Cookie Love

This short film is just a bit of fun. Thought it was time for some human interaction and lightheartedness.

Shot references for this came from the dining scenes in 'American Beauty'. Shots from the western 'Tombstone' also came into play for the expression and emotions of the characters.


cherry said...

0.43 and 0.47
i feel the shot at 0.47 should be before shot 0.43 i dunu why. i guess its a matter of opinion but i feel it would make the transition from the table, to the stares more effective becuase of the angles of the shots.

i really like this one, it made me 'LOL'

Milan said...

your expressions are epic, and the upward angles and intimidating zoomed shots are good ways of showing dominating characters and confrontation. good stuff eddieeee!

nortonius said...

i love it ed! dead good :oD