Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Decided to work on my figurative drawing skills to help improve my angles and start to build up a library of reference material.


myeyeisonfire said...

when you use photographic reference for drawing, or rather when you take your own pictures for reference, you learn two things:

A photograph may not always represent our perception of "reality". There are certain angles that just look awkward, even though the "photograph never lies"

The second thing you learn, is that you therefore can also change photographic reality to perceived reality, bending the "truth", to give make us feel that we understand and percieve the angle even better.

You should understand what I am talking about, because some of your drawings do have this awkwardness, though it's great that you are being more ambitious than studying boring and safe perspectives.

Ed said...

thanks for the feedback chiu.

yea, when it came to drawing from some of the photos I did feel that they almost look skewed or distorted even though I drew from them accurately.

again I think its a case of me being more selective with the images I draw from and experimenting further - with the way I take the photographs.

Milan said...

yeah this is something i am trying to do a lot, pick 1st perspective over the shoulder style angles, upward views, one point perspective etc to show some variation and make the images almost cinematic in the way they are shot. good stuff eddiiieee!