Thursday, 2 July 2009

more nonsense


nortonius said...

i think the guy on the top one on the right could be a turnip?

myeyeisonfire said...

ah! I am thinking about the garden competition :)

How's things with you vicky?

nortonius said...

hello chiu!

yes things are going well thanks! am looking into the market at the moment to see if i can narrow down my topic choices! i want to limit myself to 3 at a time to research so that, like you said, i may find some subject areas are richer in information than others. Im also going to see about contacting some teachers in schools regarding what sort of reading material is used in schools, as i know the teachers are limited to what they have in their classrooms etc. Also, I am currently deciding on the idea of my range of books that i intend on creating. whether i want to create a range where the story is obvious in its social issue content, or whether the morals arent so obvious so it isnt as daunting for the reader!
I remembered what you said about having fun, so i dont want my subject matter to be dull and daunting!

Bet youre wishing you hadnt asked now!!

myeyeisonfire said...

stop researching and start drawing! That will tell you more about what you should research for :)