Monday, 6 July 2009

Car Sequence

Instead of storyboarding chiu suggested actually filming scenes to really try and understand how to use different camera angles to tell a story. This is my 1st attempt with a short car sequence which I thought would be quite fun. I was a bit limited with certain camera angles and where I could drive etc, else I would of bin pulled over or killed the camera man!!!

If you could try and imagine it with fast music playing and the sounds of the car roaring and screeching it might be a bit more effective!


nortonius said...

I think thats really good ed! not bad at all! you should put it in final cut and have a mess around with it now.

cherry said...

wow good idea, and brilliantly done. loved the use of speed inside and outside the car.
looks like fun too, and looks like u had fun editing! id have loads of fun illustrating this

myeyeisonfire said...

shitman! you could be doing film! Make sure you get a copy of that book I suggested - shot by shot! Andy P used to rave about it!