Thursday, 30 July 2009

Update- BMI

Hello there, apologies for a lack of involvement over the past weeks, haha I've had a fair share of technological problems of late, starting with my illegitimate adobe cs3 crashing, to the then illegitimate Cs1 Photoshop crashing to my macbook basically losing the so looks like I'll be re-booting soon!

Anyway enough self-pity, I thought I should update what I've been up to! So firstly here is my BMI entry, "Bald Cypress", experimentating with colour- this version is darker on top than bottom but i equalized the levels out in the final version, but I can't get that file up at the moment- lol arggh!

Hope everyone is having a good summer!


cherry said...

ahaha i really liked this. i seem to 'lol' at all ur little strips. i felt sorry for the char cuz hes a tard. :)
really like the color scheme too. not really any crit i can think of at this points

myeyeisonfire said...

hi Murray! Was this for your garden submission? Did you send it in on time? I thought the combination of drawing and concept worked well - neither are that impressive on their own, but combined they make a tasty dish

myeyeisonfire said...

actually the colours are extremely tasty!

MurrayMah said...

haha glad i can make you laugh cherry! And yea chiu, that was my analysis at the end, that the drawing is pretty average but with the colours it becomes more interesting, the next step is to combine the colours with improved drawing, which is what i'm currently in the middle of working on with my oni press comic- will have work up by next week (if photoshop doesnt bum out on me again!)and after finishing it on time I didn't send it off because my mac had crashed the day I tried to print it, by the time I got it working there was no time to send it, ie today ... its a bit of a sore point if I'm honest as I tried very hard to have it wrapped up in time, but never fear Observer still to go!