Tuesday, 28 July 2009



myeyeisonfire said...

what a romantic! Nice change from the horror/thriller genre ;) - be good for you to start telling us about which comparative studies you are relating your work to. And if you are just using intuition based on previous "drama / movie experiences", then you should start to analyze further.

Ed said...

Yea good idea.

ok for this film in particular I looked at the dream sequence from Gladiator where Russel Crowe walks through the fields, pretty much copying it shot-to-shot.

the 'Scare' film was based on the Blaire Witch Project which was all filmed using hand held cameras & The Grudge which in some of the scenes was set in a house which was a good reference to work with.

cherry said...

wow nice. i love the 'romanticness' in it
ed ur great with the camara may i add :)
cant wait to see what kind of work your going to produce from all of these