Monday, 13 July 2009

what i have been up too

yes, i havnt been that lazy over the summer.
been working hard on drawings and some ideas to be worked on for negotiated. and took part in art activities for children. (i tend to shy away from anything to do with being confident and speaking to people or being sociable with people i dont know well, but iam working on this 8D ) i also managed to get use a studio space from contacts hehe

but meanwhile heres some of the drawing i have done. gone into precise inking doodles and pattern structures based on shells and other organic forms. this is just two doodles put together (iam happy with results of not cheating with copy and paste ;D) iam going to do see where i can go in narrative with this kind of abstract.


Ed said...
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Ed said...

Wo cherry, wouldn't of known these were your drawings unless told, quite different from your usual work!

Anyway they look great, where would you go from here in terms of narrative then? I think it would make for quite an interesting body of work exploring weird and abstract stories/tales to fit in with the imagery.

left-handed osi-cat said...

hey cherry
great illus! i love how the abstract patterns blend nicely with the characters. perhaps use some more of those solid black spaces in smaller porpotions? gives extra dynamic to it.. :)

cherry said...

hi thanx for the comments guys

i think iam going to see how i can use these shapes and patters in a short comic. instead of doing narrative illustrations.
even tho i do enjoy it. lol it can feel repetitive