Monday, 20 April 2009

So Far I Have - and Thus Still Need!

So Far I Have the digital copies for:

cover art Katie Koulton (* -2)
Milan Topalovic (*the fires - 2)
Lee Sparks (* The tale of the Baba Yaga- 2 )
Debbie Lambert (*The Magpie and the crow 4)
Daisy Whitehouse (*The Fir Tree and The Bramble 1)
Niovi - pull out poster (* 2)
Ed Homer (*first four pages only 4)
Vicki Norton (*gingerbread man 4)
Chiu Man (* The Roar - all four issues - 4)
Murray Sommerville (*CockCrane 4)
some single page stories from selection (2)

and thus still need the following 300 dpi files to be sent to me (via yousendit):

contents page by Debbie Lambert ( 2)
Jess Watson (*fairy tale Love 4)
Cherry Reynolds (? 4 )
Kate McMorrine (? 2-4)
some single page stories from selection (2)
end pages by Debbie Lambert ( 2)


MurrayMah said...

I'll give you all of mine tomorrow on my memory stick when i see ya for my show and tell?

Debbie Lambert said...

contents pages are in progress right now, should be scanning/sending tonight

myeyeisonfire said...

no probs debbie :)