Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fear Not

The text is still pretty lame but now i've got it scanned i can play around with it whilst I'm away...i think the title looks mildly


myeyeisonfire said...

yeah! Text is still lame! You will have to find the appropriate font! handwritten ones. Or do as I mentioned before which is follow a font, and as usual hand write it (but following a font face style)

Milan said...

illustrations are really nice- some of the text is tiny though! because it has to stay pretty small maybe avoid serif or very stylised fonts so it keeps it more legible.

myeyeisonfire said...

I have to keep emphasizing how I do like your written method of lettering, but that it should follow a font, even if you follow bauhaus or some other san serif font. - This is in case you think that I think you shouldn't hand write - I think you should, but it just needs practice and reference