Saturday, 18 April 2009

Ink Soup issue 3 line up!

provisional order of strips so far:
* = definite included
? = pending on quality of final

cover art Katie Koulton (* -2)
contents page by Debbie Lambert ( 2)
Lee Sparks (? The tale of the Baba Yaga- 2 )
Debbie Lambert (*The Magpie and the crow 4)
Murray Sommerville (*CockCrane 4)
single page from selection (*1)
Niovi - pull out poster (* 2)
single page from selection (*1)
Jess Watson (*fairy tale Love 4)
Ed Homer (*first four pages only 4)
Vicki Norton (*gingerbread man 4)
Milan Topalovic (*the fires - 2)
Kate McMorrine (? 2-4)
single page stories from selection (2)
Chiu Man (? 2-4)
end pages by Debbie Lambert ( 2)

total expected pages = 40 - 44 - 48

singles avaible = murray/daisy/vicki/jess/Amanda/Naomi/??
also double page by Katie Coulton!

well done all (if anyone is missing please let me know!!)

line up and arrangment will be discussed and agreed between myself, Jess, Debbie, and Murray (those people only because of their time and effort spent in the production of the anthology)


MurrayMah said...

haha this is going to be an awesome issue, with the variety of styles/formats and quality of work i think this issue will hopefully reach that bespoke zenith we've been trying to achieve!

myeyeisonfire said...

I will only smile when I see it in print - also all submitters expect to be on hand for editing changes after first test print! possibly to be done this Thursday!

MurrayMah said...


myeyeisonfire said...

Oh! I'll smile when I let go of your rope next time we're at red point

nortonius said...

wow this is getting personal!

Jess the Mess said...

When are we gonna be doing all the sorting and stuff >.>? Not that I usually do much other than read things and get in the way...

myeyeisonfire said...

reading can begin wednesday, and continue to thursday - Murray will help print thursday evening! So the test print needs to be ready before then