Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Magpie & Crow

Tried to spend a lot more time and focus during the inking of this one, using a slightly different style/technique and I'm fairly pleased with the end result.


myeyeisonfire said...

it's always difficult with you, because I'm always blown away by your layouts - but this time, the strong B&W contrast and the attention to figure has really paid off - the type which wouldn't be poor if the drawings were just okay, let you down - why? Because the drawing is wow! - find another font if you can! Otheriwse - wow!

myeyeisonfire said...

BTW you went the right way with the figures - more precise, and yet stylized (as opposed to photographic) - I can see this one being published in years to come, as an early Debbie Lambert, and people admiring the development of your style

ktc said...

This is beautiful! Definitely my favourite of your's so far. It's something about the way you have drawn the figures and composed the panels - at first I thought it was all digital!
The stylized figures are great, kind of art deco/nouveau. Who have you been researching? It looks very controlled and professional as a finished work.
The only thing I would say is that the last sentence felt a little unfinished - a more poetic way of putting it might enhance the moment?
Great story too.

MurrayMah said...

woah, um yea this is impressive debbie. With your previous works i've been impressed but there's always been that one thing thats niggled me, but this strip is awesome, the composition and character design is wicked, i love the masks! and the pure black and white contrast is beautiful! My only criticism is the font, which chiu's already covered so, lol i got nothing, well done!