Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fairytale Love

I'm a really bad example...because I'm still not finished mine o.o and as I'm going away from a scanner until next saturday the finished thing won't be up until atleast then :/ Hopefully this will be alright (sending the finished thing in on Saturday)...or Chiu might come to hartlepool and hit me with of those >.>
I realise this page isnt lined up properly, I scanned the top half in at the wrong dpi but didnt have time to redo it...I'm gonna work on the shading anyway before its finished. I'm just redoing the title on the other double spread now! Lemme know what you think/what needs fixing etc.


myeyeisonfire said...

please don't say you've drawn the type on the image?

You need to hand draw draw it following a font face, because at times it's too crude, still keeping the same hand written distortion that you enjoy

Ed said...

I agree with chiu in that the type doesn't seem to hold together some how.

Imagery is really great though jess and I think its your best so far.