Friday, 17 April 2009


The Completed Cockcrane, i'm happy with most of it bar half of page 3, thought the type would be ok in the middle panel, but appears it is i feared too cramped so shall have to make it more legible! But yea enjoy/hate whatever one comes first! (If your name is Chiu it will most likely be both) oh and picture book is killing me so if i don't show up on monday it's because i'm dead! (No chiu i'm not really going to miss the deadline in case you think i'm going to dodge it :P )

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myeyeisonfire said...

you better show up Monday, or you fail your case study thingy!!

The pages I like like like - even cramped text - the text although hand written and at times cramped has an air of confidence and consistency which on top of suitability to drawn images, makes it perfect!

Your in, and I will publish the order soon!