Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Scarecrow

This is my attempt at a freaky fable for the next 'ink soup' which just so happens to be the nicest story i've ever made! Feel free to say wat u 'really' like or what you think sucks!!!


sleeping ugly ducklyn said...

love the drawings n the texture of the pencil :)

murramah said...

Think it's def a success, and that you carry the textless narrative well. My criticism is only that some of your panels don't feel as strong as others on the page, so maybe just looking over the page to see any weak areas to make it consistent? But the pencil quality is great, love some of the detail and shots you've made.

Milan said...

yeah some of the images are almost cinematic- ooh have u changed the end? i thort the crows unpick scare crows stitched up mouth. this ends pretty sweet though too. immense n it must have took u ages. really well drawn- ur lighting and attention to shadows is very atmospheric and adds to the decadence of the scarecrows situation.