Saturday, 14 March 2009

Alice and the black widow

i know it s just a page but would it be ok to be in ink soup? and do the text title etc fit together?

this is the coloured version of it

which one is better?


Ed said...
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Ed said...

wow! lol

i really love te coloured one but I think its greyscale or nothing for ink soup!

what media did you use to do it with?

nortonius said...

hi! i love the colour one but i think that alice gets a little bit lost? is there anyway she could stand out anymore without losing anything?

yes, i agree with ed too - b&w or nothing i guess!

really love your style tho :oD

wheelywitch said...

i luv it it so creepy.usualy i am into black n white but uve converted me to colour with ur rusty tones.


sleeping ugly ducklyn said...

thnks guys :) i talked it with chiu as well, i m going to work on Alice and replace it so you can fully see her n not get lost in the drawing..hopefuly by the next couple of days i ll find some time to work on it, finish it n post it for more comments/advice :)