Sunday, 22 March 2009

Another little nugget!

Hey guys, another little strip, ive tried to do things a little differently this time, made the title a found font as opposed to my own attempts.  Also made the panels hand drawn as opposed to trying to digitally render hand drawn rubbishness! Could do with a bit more tweaking, some areas are a bit wonky etc. But anyway, would be glad of some feedback otherwise! 




MurrayMah said...

Again really like this vicky, like the consistency in your drawing and the line quality! The two criticisms i would have with this one though are:

1/ the transitions in the last panel is abit weak/muddled, so needs more defining between him falling, humpty in the hitting the ground and then the girl running away, they're really nice drawings but they lose their impact in the confusion.

2/Just desaturate the page as to not get those subtle coffee like tones sneaking in

And you've already mentioned the wonkyness, but it's cool that you're churning work out, but i think it would be cool to move away from the freaky fable theme and maybe work on something else to push you, have a look at cest bon kultur as it would be appropiate for you seeing as you work in black and white:

Hope any of this helps

myeyeisonfire said...


this is not really a comment for vicky, but about how well murray is giving feedback! About the only person who is consistently analytical, detailed, and constuctive with his comments - I wish more of you would make the effort!!!

nortonius said...

hi murray! thanks for your feedback, i really do agree, this was something I whipped up last minute!! i will certainly make amendments :o) and ill definitely take a look at the website!