Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ginge - revisited.

Right - here is the gingerbread man comic AGAINNN except I've changed the font to the same as the jack and jill one and the foot bit has changed. Let me know if this is  any better please!


myeyeisonfire said...

much better! Type looks ace! Two very small problems! One last page top panels look off as they don't match lower panels! This can easily be solved if you extend the panels and draw a bit more for the clouds and hills - also on some of the sentences you have a line running through the type?? pencil lines?? Plus in some places the type still looks squashed. All of these problems I myself have had, and even had the work still published, but wished I'd had the luxury of time to change! so you are doing really well!!

myeyeisonfire said...

the shoe looks ^&^**£ing ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nortonius said...

right - im on it!!!