Thursday, 26 March 2009

first images for inksoup

heylo these are the first few images for the inksoup. Im not used to working straight in pen and not being able to shade so this explains why the 2nd one looks a bit ropey. the graphic contrast between foreground and background aint that great either. Does anyone have any tips to improve this without turning it into an overcooked crosshatch fiasco? Any comments would be appreciated. thanks


MurrayMah said...

For the bottom image I think you have to just place more in the ground that the trees are on, as although the shadows are wicked, the trees look they're floating, my advice would be to do very light pen strokes to describe the grass, just texture or something to block in that white, I think with that contrast the depth will be alot stronger.

In saying all that, it's an interesting and successful conversion from pencil to pen, creates a different atmosphere, in terms of graphic novel i actually prefer this direction in you work, looking forward to the rest!

Rosemary Knowles said...

You could try adding some more contrast on the flames, just on the bottom left hand corner though. Try doing a little bit of cross hatching in between the flames so they appear to be coming from a single source; this could give them a bit more form and make them more threatening? Hope that makes sense!

Rosemary Knowles said...

Beautiful mark making and composition though, the story is really intriguing too :)

myeyeisonfire said...

I agree with both the earlier comments, but would add, that you also need areas of focus, for you to make the eye navigate around and yet home in on an important aspect of the narrative - you tend to do this very very well in pencil, but you amlost treat pen as a textural challenge - which could turn in a pattern making exercise if not careful - hope you get my babble too!