Monday, 16 March 2009

cover (?)

Here's a very rough sketch of my current idea for a cover, I have a few other idea's if this one's not right, but I thought I'd post it up so I can make changes etc. It's supposed to be a sort of campfire story scene. I had an idea that I could collaborate with someone for the lettering?

Like I said its rough and I'm going to redraw it so I do have time to redo the composition etc.
ps. the back is going to be a woodland scene.
pps. its not going to be in pencil


Milan said...

hey katie, this is an lovely idea for the cover, n i remember ur style as well so when its finalised and fully defined & resolved itll look really good.

nortonius said...

I really like this, i get a real mood about it already! its exciting too! i think it would look great finished.

i see youve said about collaborating for the type but could you not find a type that you like and hand copy it?

MurrayMah said...

I look really forward to seeing this finished, think its a wicked composition and appropiate