Wednesday, 31 August 2011

visual project concept and Colour tests

It’s been a while since I posted any work relating to my developing negotiated project partly because of the size of the idea and scale of research.

I essentially want to produce a comic that combines a roger Rabbit, Cool world vibe. Where reality and cartoons meet but my universe would be visually unique, animated, surreal, and geeky, while maintaining a sense of real life culture and people its quite ambitious to be honest.

Cool world had such a haunting creepy atmosphere that works for its crazy cartoonly inhabitants sort of like Tex Averys work. Almost each animated back drop has a hidden face and twisted sky scrapper in it which 
Inspires me in the architecture aspect of the project. 

The idea of cartoons and reality blending together in a separate society really seems like an interesting angle to go with my developing practice could make for great comics if my narrative I choose is strong. But unlike Roger Rabbit my setting will be either present day or universal. Because i want a wider range of characters and environments then just the classics of the golden age era.

My beauty and the beast comic and RVJs are working on this style as well.

here are some of my best thought colour tests and drawings so far from over the break 
i got one sped up recording of my working progress on one of the pieces. 

I found the interiors to be much more tricky to portray so i will use secondary resources like books and photos to improve upon this experiment and area of the visual language.  

I will post up my finished thumbnails and colour tests later on.


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