Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beauty and thew Beast thumbnail layout development

I have tried to give much more depth to my fractured Georgie Porgie in my story RVJ. By looking deeper in to the character of the duke of Buckingham (who was Georgie in the rhythm) and his relationship with king Charles the 2nd and discover why all the girls cried. I find some useful information in to these two characters

The script for the story with 
pieces of text proving my point on 
Georges sexually.  

From now on I am using secondary and primary photos and images to aid in a stronger execution.

rough thumbnails

Final roughs 

Visually the comic will look like what i showed on my  pervious post on visual direction of the work. 

My final finish will be digitally coloured on PS seeing as that’s a media I am much more familiar and I believe i can be creative on. I did a quick colour test on page 1 to see how and what sort of atmosphere and style of digital painting the final will be.

I am hunting currently for other digital artists who expand Photoshop and tablet software to new heights to produce sharper imagery. Learn their techniques to make this much more enjoyable and experimental.

personally i think this could help in my ambitious


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