Saturday, 6 August 2011

Help! - i need contacts / my new portfolio

Hey guys,

I am looking for professional contacts (writers, Illustrators, and publishers/ editors) to send out my beauty & the beast pages to.

I am struggling to build a good list of contacts, though i have a few, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts and tips on finding contacts? any good resources for finding email/ post addresses, or even just names that i can start from?

Maybe it would be good to do some of this as a group? maybe build a shared database/ list of contacts? Dunno if peeps are precious about sharing this stuff?

On a separate note i have finally sorted out a couple of online portfolios, only on carbonmade and behance but its a start! There is a set of recent commissioned corporate/editorial pieces i did a couple of weeks ago on there. Would love some feedback on the portfolio - Not sure if it is too varied/ not specialist enough?

Cheers folks :)


Chiu said...

Chiu said...

"January 10, 2011
Moonface Press have no publishing plans for the immediate future but Eagle Award-winning writer Andy Winter is now searching for artists to collaborate with. The idea is to pitch professional comics companies ideas for graphic novel projects in a variety of genres (horror, sci-fi, superhero etc). If you're an artist and might be interested in finding out more, contact Andy at"